The power of innovation is a boundless resource in cooking. Thanks to an extensive product portfolio, Rosenthal offers a wide range of items for the hotel and catering industry, able to suit the needs of the food service industry professionals and even the most creative chefs.

Experiments from the Rosenthal Creative Center and its synergy with Sambonet gives birth to Jade Sphera. A soft and sensuous table collection in bone china, perfectly complementary to Sambonet’s stainless steel place settings and coffee and tea sets of the same name. 2015 also marks the extension of the Mesh collection, which to its delicate relief texture and numerous round, angular, oval or square combinations, adds three new colors inspired by nature to create an original mix and match and to give a vintage touch to its environment. When it comes to specific needs, a team of designers is available to help with customized designs and decorations in every style and mood.


PORDAMSA has been manufacturing and marketing porcelain for over 35 years. Based in the heart of the Costa Brava, it is located 60 km from the French border and 120 km from Barcelona. PORDAMSA has been internationally praised by its modern and functional design at an affordable price, always striving for differentiation and added value for the customer, together with excellent service thanks to our permanent stock.PORDAMSA was founded in 1976 in a traditionally ceramist zone in La Bisbal d’Empordà.

Our founder’s intention was to create high quality porcelain, and this is the reason our raw materials come from the best deposits in the world: Limoges, South Africa and Argentina. Continuous production allows us to always have available stock for any of our products. This means we can provide almost immediate service to our customers.

Cosy & Trendy

Cosy & Trendy specializes in a wide range of quality articles for very reasonable prices. First of all, Cosy & Trendy is your reference for useful kitchenware. It offers essential kitchen equipment to prepare a variety of food any time and the most convenient tools for cooking at special occasions. Because we aim to meet the demands of both home and professional cooks. Furthermore, we provide tableware that is made of stylish materials to create the perfect dining experience. Cooking is much more than just a delightful dish. A well-set table also makes a good impression on guests. This product category is versatile which ensures an appropriate presentation of the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The Arzberg brand is synonymous worldwide with good design. Manufactured exclusively in Germany, durable, functional and aesthetically perfect: Arzberg porcelain is the epitome of premium quality porcelain “Made in Germany”. A clear commitment of the corporate philosophy that in over 120 years of history has shared the value of the craftsmanship with the best technical knowledge. Step by step, Arzberg offers a wide range of collections in porcelain designed to last unchanged across time, styles and shapes to be lived through a personal experience with the pleasure to enjoy together.


Table culture playing with times and styles. The sets of the Rosenthal meets Versace collection transform your dining table into a map of an imaginative journey. The extravagant game with the times and styles lets the gold and pink created "Les Rêves Byzantins" entwine the senses, and "Le Jardin de Versace" lets the vivid memories of the colorful gardens bloom. The magnificently mysterious "Medusa", the distinguished Ernst of "Barocco" and the legendary opulence of "Le Grand Divertissement" - the porcelain by Rosenthal meets Versace is your key to create a table culture that has the courage to own worlds beyond time and space.


Raynaud is proud to continue its longstanding tradition of providing distinguished clients with the finest designs and unrivalled expertise. Raynaud can accommodate requests for personalized and bespoke services, from a simple trim to the design of an exclusive pattern. Olivier Maillefer, a knowledgeable collector and connoisseur of 18th century art, has worked in our design department in close collaboration with Bertrand Raynaud for many years and devotes his art and expertise to designing exclusive patterns to satisfy even the most unusual requests. Our collections can also be personalized with a monogram, a number, a crest or a logo in black, color, or sanded, burnished or inlaid gold according to your wishes.


"Nestled in the heart of lower Manhattan, Korin Japanese Trading offers the finest knives, kitchen products and tableware to suit every culinary tradition. We are proud to cater to the rich cultural diversity that is New York City, a beautiful microcosm of the world that we are happy to call home. Our Tribeca showroom is home to the most extensive collection of Japanese knives in the world, including Japan. But our collection is far more than just knives—we also offer a vast selection of kitchen tools and appliances, exquisitely designed tableware, and the rarest and most covetable sharpening stones. We are proud to be part of New York’s culinary community, and frequently host special events such as knife sharpening demonstrations and parties with the city’s most celebrated chefs and restauranteurs. Drawing from a tradition of Japanese artistry and meticulous attention to detail, the collections at Korin showcase the best of both cutting edge design and time-tested favorites. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality Japanese design to your table, so you can experience the unparalleled quality of Japanese craftsmanship in your home or restaurant. "


"In 1856, Giuseppe Sambonet, a Fine Arts graduate and the son of a nobleman from Vercelli, obtained his warrant as Master Goldsmith and established the company, Giuseppe Sambonet, depositing his seal bearing the initials “GS” at the Turin mint. At the beginning of the twentieth century his company was the official purveyor to many nobles, including the Duchess of Genoa and the Count of Turin. Always in step with the times, Sambonet has stood out for its progressive spirit in the production field. It is the first in Italy to have a system capable to add to a massive silverware the electroplating process. Already by 1938, Sambonet started developing sophisticated industrial technologies to produce stainless steel, making its way to the silver plating process. In 1947, it started producing stainless steel knives and blades using its own technology. It conquered the international market in 1956, by being chosen – among 53 competitors – to supply the Cairo Hilton Hotel with a hollowware line that is still in its collection today. This marked the beginning of the company’s great tradition of supplying world-class hotels and restaurants. Starting from the Sixties, Sambonet began a series of collaborations that would have lead to collections that affirm and spread the company’s focus on design. Roberto Sambonet, in particular, created collections of primary importance, such as the “Pesciera”, the “Center line” and “Linea 50” trays that can be admired at the MoMA in New York. From Compasso d’Oro ADI obtained in 1994 with Hannah flatware to Good Design and Wallpaper Design Award for Gio Ponti collections, and Good Design of Sphera coffee line, there are a lot of projects that shine in the international panorama design. From 1997 the brand is part of an important Italian group that realizes professional kitchen tools with Paderno and Arthur Krupp and refined porcelains with Rosenthal, Thomas, Hutschenreuther and Arzberg. The Group has also recently reinforced his presence in the luxury world with the acquisition of the French brands Ercuis and Raynaud."


"Porland Porcelain brings porcelain life with the precision of an artist with the aim of responding to the expectations of those who fall in quality in all the products offered, and makes the small feasts live in your table with the elegance of a ballerina. Porland porcelain with stylish and original designs ; aesthetics and quality that make up the perfect combination of works, offers to the liking of valuable users. Turkey 's with justified pride Porland Porcelain 100% domestic capital with Bilecik ' is producing te. Porland Porcelain, which reflects the rich cultural elements of our country with its modern lines and products, has always been an innovative and pioneering company in the industry since 1992 ; It has made its efforts with the young and dynamic structure that changed the groundbreaking, pursued, perceptions and habits to the success of the country."


A certificate from 1433 is the first record of a glass blowing hut in Lausitz. It states that the glasswork produced a greenish or brownish »wood glass«. The area was rich in quartz sand, limestone, clay, and wood. Ideal conditions for the production of glass. Over the years the Lausitz region developed into one of the most important glass making regions in Europe.

"When high-tech is expressed in beauty something irresistible is created. As is the case with glasses by Stölzle Lausitz. 128 years of know-how flowed into the making of each wine or champagne glass, in each mug, tumbler and pitcher "
Today Stölzle Lausitz GmbH has maintained its independence, even within the company Group Stölzle-Oberglas AG. For 126 years we have been developing new products and processes independently in Weißwasser. Today, Stölzle is one of the biggest producers of stemware in Germany. True wine connoisseurs appreciate the Stölzle Lausitz glasses as the ideal »living space« for good wine.


For decades, ksi has successfully established itself as a manufacturer of premium luminaires - both LED and real flame - in the best houses in the world. Highest quality and the possibility to incorporate own ideas into your personal lights stands for the name ksi - handmade in Germany


Within the hospitality sector, the choice of tableware must meet the highest standards for presentation, practicality and performance. Over 220 years of innovation, passion and expertise make Churchill the natural partner for providing tabletop solutions.


"Professional & rigorous design, sleek lines & harmonious colours, high quality ceramic, handmade in France, with more than a 150 years of savoir-faire."


Utopia are delighted to be celebrating our 20th year, our evolution has taken us from our origins in glassware across the whole of tabletop and beyond. We have rooted our journey in a passion for product innovation, exceeding customer expectations and living and breathing all aspects of the hospitality industry.

We are now in a better position than ever thanks to key investments over the last 12 months, firstly in our new head office and warehouse facility covering 168,000 square feet giving us even greater operational efficiency and room to expand our product portfolio for the future.


The brand ZIEHER stands for innovative design in the tabletop- and in the buffet-section. The main target audience are 5*-hotels and top class restaurants and also the innovative gastronomy where dedicated profi-chefs create new trends.


Sola has been manufacturing and distributing its products through dealers and wholesalers, reaching all various sectors of the hospitality industry from hotels and hotel-supply companies, restaurants, air¬lines, cruise-lines and others. In Sola range of cutlery we have many different styles, varying from classic to contemporary designs in stain¬less steel, silver-plated as sterling silver in different price-levels. New designs based on the latest trends are regularly being introduced. Many designs can be supplied from stocks kept in different parts of the world. The main objective is to offer excellent quality prod¬ucts against competitive prices. All our products are being supplied with a lifetime guarantee against pro¬duction and/or material faults.


At Wanzl, we know what people will want tomorrow. As a world market leader for shopping trolleys, we provide the right solutions for Hotel Service too. As early as the 1970s, the first Hotel Service products such as the plate and tray trolleys emerged, to optimise daily processes in the hotel and catering trade.

Today, Wanzl employs over 5,000 employees at eleven production sites worldwide, working on new business areas and products and on unusual product designs based on consistently high quality and a vast product range. The aim: perfectly satisfied customers.


Craster provides a creative platform that empowers buyers of premium Hotel, Retail and Restaurant groups to become more involved in creating innovative luxury product ranges that differentiate their brands. We bring together exceptional design and manufacturing talent and offer a complete product development solution from the inception of the idea to delivery of the product. Craster is an international brand with distribution in over 20 countries, and manufacturing in the UK, the Czech Republic and the Far East. Craster is a preferred supplier to many of the world's finest hotel and restaurant groups including Hilton, Starwood, Accor, Rezidor, Fairmont hotel groups, and Gondola, Prezzo, D&D, Nandos and Wagamama restaurant groups. Craster is also a supplier to The Royal Household.

Arthur Krupp

Arthur Krupp ® introduces a comprehensive range of items in porcelain made in Germany and bone china, a wide selection of professional products designed to meet any need of the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. Whether classic and elegant mise en place, a creative mix and match, or for a refined buffet, Arthur Krupp is the right solution. The high-quality materials and the reinforced edges make these items extremely resistant against chipping, giving them the distinctive features of versatility and durability for daily use


"Founded in 1925 under the name of “Alluminio Paderno” and specialised in the production of aluminium pots and pans for the household, today Paderno is a leading international brand in the manufacture and sale of professional cookware and kitchen items for the restaurant and hospitality industry"


"Nestled in the heart of lower Manhattan, Korin Japanese Trading offers the finest knives, kitchen products and tableware to suit every culinary tradition. We are proud to cater to the rich cultural diversity that is New York City, a beautiful microcosm of the world that we are happy to call home. Our Tribeca showroom is home to the most extensive collection of Japanese knives in the world, including Japan. But our collection is far more than just knives—we also offer a vast selection of kitchen tools and appliances, exquisitely designed tableware, and the rarest and most covetable sharpening stones. We are proud to be part of New York’s culinary community, and frequently host special events such as knife sharpening demonstrations and parties with the city’s most celebrated chefs and restauranteurs. Drawing from a tradition of Japanese artistry and meticulous attention to detail, the collections at Korin showcase the best of both cutting edge design and time-tested favorites. We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality Japanese design to your table, so you can experience the unparalleled quality of Japanese craftsmanship in your home or restaurant. "

Wild Magma

Wild Magma’s range of products aims at establishing a link between functionality and a distinctive appeal. Continued experience in delivering the best in class and quality products timely and efficiently makes Wild Magma a celebrated name in the global F&B industry.

Every creation represents an exceptional characteristic that attractively modifies the space. A contemporary conceptualization is reflected through the four elementary aesthetics representing modish glassware, trendy flatware, elegant accessories, and an inventive banquet collection.


"The creativity of sophisticated Design and the prestige of a renowned brand, recognized and respected the world over, are the ingredients for uncommon entertaining, they contribute to making hospitality memorable and therefore generate loyalty among the public. Before taking on form and function, design is born of a thought: for more than a century Guzzini has been thinking designs for people. Guzzini creates objects for people and the reflection of this mode of thought is tangible: objects to make the daily experience in the kitchen, at home and at the table easier and more beautiful. Sometimes, thinking about people first brings with it recognition and acclaim. Italian and International designers have given their contribution to the company, winning awards and recognitions all over the world. The objects that Guzzini makes tell a story that is simple but that carries with it a heritage. For Horeca, Guzzini presents objects with a functional and efficient design, perfect for every day and for every occasion, created to entertain with taste."


"With decades of experience in manufacturing, exporting and consistently innovating, We believe in living up to your expectations and delivering creativity with quality. Our products are not the usual and ordinary and that's what makes us unique and helps us carve a separate niche in our field of Hospitality Industry in India & abroad, since 1982. We assure prime quality products and since our punch line is "


"LAVA, name that inspired from the flame, was established in 2010 with 40 years experience in iron casting. In the world standard high-tech production facility, cast iron and enamel coating processing has reached the rich product range with assortment of spreads in the International cuisine. And they’ve all started with cast iron grill manufacturing. Today is a covered area of 6.000 m2 and an open space 15.000 m2, including the ongoing production LAVA facility, exports high range productions; pots, grill pans, cast iron grills, special cooking utensils, wooden serving boards and barbeque grills to 70 countries. The highest quality cast iron’s being processed with Electrophoresis enameled technology in the production facilities which has been certificated of ISO9001 standards."


"The high-quality buffet furniture includes exclusive cocktail tables and stylish buffet tables as well as matching modern stools. Most VENTA furnishings can be folded up or stacked together to save space, and can be assembled and disassembled in just a few easy steps, without the need for any tools. All of our buffet furniture is mobile and can be used anywhere. It meets the high demands of the hotel, events and catering industry in every respect. Our VENTA products have an exclusive design and are available worldwide. Most of our VENTA products are manufactured in Germany, and we are pleased to appear with the “Made in Germany” seal at trade fairs both in Germany and abroad."


"Cambro offers a wide range of trays, table service and display items, storage, shelving, merchandising and insulated transport products, as well as innovative warewashing systems and healthcare meal delivery solutions. The future is certain to bring great changes to our industry. Yet one thing that will remain a constant is Cambro’s tradition of continually developing new products that help food service operators save time and money, increase sales, reduce labor and improve service. In the years ahead, guided by the commitment of its founders to innovation, quality, and value, Cambro Manufacturing will still be the leader in serving the food service industry and you, our valued customer. "


"Two brothers, one passion: good food for body and soul. Therefore, Arthur and Hermann Spring are burning when they establish the company in Switzerland in 1946. With the demand for the highest quality of their products for professional and hobby cooks, the courage to go new ways and the mind for the continuously changing needs of their customers, they lay the foundation for the success of the brand Spring. From the beginning on food is not only an aliment, but also conviviality for the Spring brothers. In 1953 the smart Swiss make table cooking socially acceptable with their Invention of the Fondue Bourguignonne. Innovative ideas for cooking and table culture are a common thread throughout the company's history. In 1977, Spring launched the first Gastronorm Chafing Dishes for professional cooking and presentation. Already since 1994, the company is offering a multi-layer material for all cookware lines which is suitable for induction. And with the recoatable non-stick frying pan VULCANO GLI, Spring sets a benchmark for sustainability. Since 2009, a new management is carrying the company Spring nationally and internationally. In 2010, the company moved to Solingen. There the Swiss philosophy lives on - in the high quality standard and in the timelessly classic look of the wide assortment of goods. Typically Spring: For the further development of our product line Swiss Designer are at work, by the majority."


"Küchenprofi- manufacturers of professional cooking tools & kitchen gadgets Founded in Germany in 1923, the extensive Kuchenprofi collection is manufactured to the highest quality… practical design for the preparation and storage of food. Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Cooking Gadgets, Coffee Mills, Cutting Boards, Food Prep, Funnels, Graters, Graters Slicers & Choppers, Ladles, Peelers, Pepper Mills, Porcelain, Salt Mills, Scissors, Scoops, Spatulas, Seafood Tools, Shears, Sieves, Tongs & Utensils"


"Zassenhaus stands in this context all times with its coffee grinder, pepper and salt mills, nutmeg mills, chili mills and much more... What began in 1867 as an export store supplying small steel goods and tools has become the epitome of high quality spice and coffee mills."


"Design the difference. We deal with the major trend in the industry, food as a pop culture, and we show how the livecookintable modular furniture provides the perfect ‘Baukasten‘ for your requirements of today and tomorrow. With this brand promise, we are positioned outside of the familiar, the ordinary and as a clearly structured brand."


Auenberg is a German registered flatware and chafing dish brand with over 20 years of expertise in OEM production. Founded by Leaders Company LTD, their experience and technology has enabled them to create high quality SUS304 stainless steel cutleries and buffet accessories that befits a 5-star hotel

American Metalcraft

American Metalcraft ranks among the topmost table top supply manufacturers in the foodservice industry. Whether you are making or serving food, American Metalcraft has the supplies and equipment to prepare, serve, and store food products.

Cal - Mil

Cal-Mil was founded in 1965 as a family owned and operated business to create and manufacture products for the food service industry. Our mission is to fulfil the needs of food service professionals in a creative, yet efficient manner.


"Cilio is highest quality, great design and perfect function. Cilio is entrenched with a wide array of products in premium-scope and is very popular. Cilio means to create new products successfully with creativity and the power of innovation."

Arcus Lab


"Royal Orient collection represents the finest of Moroccan and oriental furniture decor and crafts to add an accent to homes and a signature from the exotic world. Our collection includes handmade Mediterranean accessories, unique collectibles, luxurious rugs and pillows, hand-crafted ceramics, Moroccan cookery, traditional Moroccan clothing and accessories, unusual jewelry, and so much more."


"cocoon Concept is a young and innovative manufacturer of high quality, contemporary furniture. Marrying practicality with sleek design, our products are a reflection of the surroundings for which they have been created. Aesthetics are integral to our design process and are expressed through carefully selected materials, shapes and colors. Cocoon Concept‘s design workshop in France is composed of forward thinking designers that share a passion for experimentation and beauty."


Liddell provides the finest luxury linens to the world’s most exclusive hotels, restaurants and spas. Founded on the banks of the River Lagan in Donaghcloney, Ireland in 1866, Liddell offers the ultimate in subtle luxury. Meticulously crafted by master weavers, our bedroom and dining linen collection is soft to the touch, durable to the last and exquisite in every way. Little wonder, Liddell has become so quietly famous for understated elegance and timeless Irish tradition. Part of the Vision Support Services Group, our team of experts source the very best linens and fabrics from around the world, all tailored to the most discerning needs.


"Kiatsiam leatherware from Thailand is one of the market leading high end leatherette products Supplier. Covering all the requirements of a hotel from front office, rooms, F&B and bathrooms."


JVD in-house research, design & development is continuously developing good technology, new techniques and materials to further enhance our products offering, satisfying customers’ around the world. Products and services that improve productivity and convenience, lower costs, and protecting customers’ assets.


"Shoe shine machines by HEUTE see to it that the day begins with a fresh shine. From toe to heel – and from one ear to the other. And they are always and everywhere at your service, whenever a brilliant performance is expected."

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